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Skip to content. I tend to believe the last one….. Using that as my definition of what a Draconic Chart is, lets begin. There was a long swath of history where they were not commonly used, but are now seeing an increase in popular usage as they should, they are incredibly useful. Draconic, in Latin, translates loosely to something being Dragon-like. The North Node is said to be the head of the dragon and the South Node is said to be the tail of the dragon.

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In these charts, the 0 degree Aries point is paramount, because this Chart is based on the place where the Moon crosses the elliptic from North to South, thus making the 0 degree Aries point the traditional North Node position for these charts. The Aries point is said to symbolize a point of taking action and new beginnings. The aspects in your Draconic Chart remain the same as in your natal chart, but the houses will be ruled by different signs due to the shifting and the degrees of the planets and the signs they are ruled by may change.

The further your Natal North Node is from 0 degree Aries, the more your chart will shift. It is because of this shifting that some people may happen to identify with their Draconic Charts more than their Natal Chart. Maybe your Sun is in Libra in your Natal Chart, but that has never felt quite right. In an internal level he feels the need to seek his own philosophy of life, to contend with higher truths and expand his consciousness through fields such as philosophy, teaching, religion and traveling.


He knows he has already become accomplished in Gemini and that to follow this path of least resistance prevents his growth let us say by becoming an eternal student , and therefore strives to grow by developing Sagittarius. Or someone with the North Node in the 10th is innately drawn towards nesting, and attached to her past and family South Node in the 4th. The North Node in the 10th suggests that she should struggle to establish her social and professional position, but without losing her ability to take care and nurture her family in doing so. Both Nodes need each other to maintain a balance.

Many sites such as astro. The North Node can be determined in two ways: Mean or True, the main difference being that while Mean is always retrograde, True is direct a few days each month. To figure out Mean, the Node's rate of motion is averaged out, while True takes into account the position of the Node after correction for the alterations that the gravitational forces of Sun and Moon cause in its path. The result is very similar in both cases and they are never more than a few degrees away from each other. There is no agreement among astrologers as to which is better to use in chart analysis.

Draconic Astrology – The Soul Chart

For example, in the article that has already been mentioned, Rudhyar advocates the use of the Mean Node. In his own words: " To calculate the draconic chart, the position of the North Node is subtracted from the location of each planet and house cusp. This same procedure is used for the rest of the planets and house cusps. In the resulting chart the shape of the chart does not change because tropical house placements and aspects remain the same. These will have different signs and degrees but the same house positions as in the tropical. A Moon emplaced in the tropical 8th square Saturn will still be in the same position and aspect in the draconic.

This chart coexists with the tropical one, complementing it, so it's better to approach them together. Special attention should be payed to conjunctions and oppositions between tropical and draconic planets using an orb of 5 degrees. These links make available more subliminal aspects of our personality which come up by means of the conscious traits represented by the tropical planets and angles.

Take as an example a woman with a Sun in Cancer who feels that although she can identify with the importance of protecting and nurturing her family, this is not enough to make her feel fulfilled. Her draconic Sun is in Aquarius, so one could say that although her immediate environment will always be crucial, there's an inner force that compels her to get involved with groups, or activities related to social issues or modern technological developments.

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A great way of combining both could be by working with children or women at risk, or living in extreme environments. Another possibility, always depending on the rest of the chart, could be by growing food and plants in a community center and applying innovative techniques to the process. Or by developing an app to help women tackle issues related to feeding their families. On combining both charts, the houses overlap. Venus' forces, with those of Jupiter, Mercury, Neptune, being the ones in the assistance to the conditions, bringing the forces to this present plane's development.

Draconic Astrology: Getting in Touch with Our Deeper Self

Mercury is one of these, and also close to the degree of the tropical 7th cusp Neptune is at first a puzzle. Pisces is untenanted by planets, and Neptune does not seem to be strongly positioned But read on: 'Arcturus being in the greater force for this development upon this plane, the soul receiving then the greater force by the influence of Arcturus with Thus, the three forces are interlinked.

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The draconic chart, as it impinges through alignments with the tropical, would seem to be giving us a glimpse of the Soul's line of development, of it's purpose and spiritual mandate, as it takes birth on the physical plane. The tropical chart represents the visible tree, branches, fruit and leaves.


The draconic is, to stretch the analogy, perhaps the invisible sap that feeds it from deep within. The Draconic Midheaven speaks more of super-consciousness, the soul's divine quest, vocation as distinct from occupation. Astrologers already familiar with house meanings, aspects and primarily the interpretation of their own natal chart, will liken the experience of interpreting their Draconic chart to that of bumping into an old friend.

This is probably due to the emergence in the Draconic chart of astrological degrees synonymous with old friends, foes and soul mates. I do identify with them, I've always felt like a Scorpio and it's my chart ruler so to see that it is my sun in the Draconic chart I absolutely love. Aries moon I identify with somewhat- more than I do with my Gemini moon. And the Libra rising is pretty much me but the my Scorp rising fits that better in this situation. Over all I do identify with them and thanks for sharing it!

I certainly do identify with the dr AC, but then Neptune is conjunct my natal AC, too, so I guess it just emphasizes the neptunian influence. DD IP: Logged. It seems that my moon is still in the same sign, but my sun and Asc have swtiched up I have a cancer sun opposite Cap Asc. I still have sun opposition Asc in the draconic chart as well. I do identify with the virgo moon obviously since I have a virgo moon and the Aqua Asc and that makes sense since Aqua takes up most of my 1st house natally and uranus conjuncts my chart ruler.

But I don't identify so much the leo sun shouldn't come as a suprise that this is one of the signs I tend to clash with frequently in life. Interestingly enough I am very attracted to people with Virgo which is my natal Descendant and Capricorn in their charts. We are far too easily pleased. Lewis "The beauty that addresses itself to the eyes is only the spell of the moment; the eye of the body is not always that of the soul.

I've got a good amount of Virgo in my chart anyway but have never meshed well with Virgos two of my ex's are Virgos So perhaps I've totally botched this? I definitely feel that I can identify with my "normal" natal placements more than the draconic ones.

Draconic Astrology uses a zodiac which takes the Moon's north node as 0° Aries

I don't feel at all like a Pisces, Gemini, or Capricorn nor I don't have relationships with these signs. How are you guys finding out which house they fall into?

Are you just using natal house cusps? If so, I have no houses in Pisces. What would that mean? Either way, it was interesting to do. Capricorn 22 deg. Cancer 5 deg. Aquarius 14 deg. Aquarius 12 deg. Aquarius 2 deg.