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Ima capricorn born in Dec 23, , sny good advice so that things willfall into the right pkace. Hello, I am too concern about my love life and career, so please help me to know my future better. Thanking you, Priya Bhakat. Worried about my career…stable position in a work field…right now jobless….

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I am Fouzia…. I am in big financial crises due to stock market.

When I shall recover my position. Property in court case. Will the case judgement in my favour. Indians are doing extremely well, everywhere. Look at yourself you crazy person instead of complaining or writing rubbish here , ok!!!! I would like to know what direction my career is headed and when i will land a new job? And when i get marry and to whome now i m 24years old.

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And when i get marry to whome? Is good for me to receive update on where my ife is heading towards. But can specify the heath prob em hanging on my heath and what are the so utions. I like this website.

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But there are some doubt within me. I vould like to know vhether I should become astronaught of india from the makings of tin foil beer bottle rocket. Vill I make to moon and back and vill I get job on return. I very much want blonde wife. Will this happen.

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope February 2018

I born in ashram but live on boat at 3 o clockings.. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site is free and open to everyone, but our registered users get extra privileges like commenting, and voting. Remember Me. Toggle navigation. Home Horoscopes Free Monthly Horoscopes. Free Monthly Horoscopes. Like 0. Share this. Nidhi July 30th, When I get job and where Like 0. Swapan June 2nd, Financial problems ,date of birth 2 September Financial problems Like 0.

I want to know that will I get admission for mbbs in government clg in this month. Lightning January 5th, You reap what you sow… Like 0. Navin gupta March 1st, The overall goal of astrology is to help you discover your life's true meaning and what your future will hold. You'll notice as you dive into the world of astrology that each sign is a member of one of the four elements: Air, Water, Fire, or Earth. For example, if you are a fire sign Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius you are considered to be very dynamic, driven, and overly passionate. When deciding whether or not you're compatible with someone — whether that be a friend or a potential lover — you can look to see if their values and horoscope is aligned with yours.

While you shouldn't automatically rule someone out based on their zodiac sign, it can be helpful and even entertaining to compare. Astrology can be different for everyone — some may view it as the end all be all when it comes to making major life decisions and others may just scroll through their phones for some fun astrology articles in their free time.

Whichever level of astrology fandom you fall under, it is useful to know what your zodiac sign means when it falls under a particular zodiac sign. If you have a personal planet in the sign of Aries, you are a fierce and strong-willed fire sign. You are the first sign listed in the zodiac, which means you symbolize new beginnings and making the most of every day. You strive to be the best at everything you do — and if you can come in first place, even better.

You know what you want and you go for it, even though you tend too impulsive at times. As a fire sign, you are known as being very active and always ready to run to the rescue if someone you love is in trouble. You let the Sun guide you through your journey; you are always organized and ready for the day ahead. You know you have strong talents and strive to make them better as your time goes on. Your confidence is key and you can always count on a staple red lip to turn heads. Personal planets in the sign of Taurus, are strong and stubborn. As an Earth sign you are able to take in the world around you and view situations from all perspectives.

Your well-rounded nature makes you easy to talk to. You never take what the Earth provides you for granted — you appreciate the good and bad weather. Your ability to see beauty in all forms makes you easily attracted to anyone and everything. Your voice is a calming sensation in a world full of chaos. Others may view your commitment to the Earth as a negative trait, but remember to see yourself as stubborn in the best ways. Let the world guide you, not the other way around.

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Continue to travel, Taurus, as your journey to truly find freedom around the sun and moon is a gift. Gemini says you have the ability to adapt quickly to your surroundings. Your mind can flow from one being to the next, harvesting deep and meaningful connections with other souls. As the season begins to turn warm, you hope to inspire others and spark change. You care so deeply for those around you and you try not to let your nerves be your downfall. As a Gemini, you enjoy a short trip with friends or a long trip around the universe — either way, you are ready to spark a conversation with those around you.

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You are ruled by Mercury, which makes sense since it is known as the planet of communication, written language, and powerful movements. Cancer, your emotions are controlled by the Moon, which makes them change rapidly with nightfall.

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You feel so hard that sometimes it hurts to care deeply for others. Regardless of that pain, you let your emotions flow like the water beneath your feet and try to blend in with your surroundings — even if it can be difficult at times. Yes, you may be moody Cancer, but your bravery makes you able to push past your impending negative thoughts. Being of a highly emotional stature, you treasure your family and friends more than anything. While your moods may shift, your relationship with your family will never waver.

When you find someone who understands your mind, Cancer, hold onto them. If you are willing to let them in, they are worth keeping in your life. Leo, with golden amber that shines down from the Sun, you radiate warmth and compassion. As a natural-born leader, you take control and walk with your head held high towards the sky. No amount of shade can get in your way of seeing the Sun and pushing past other people's ignorance. Your ego grows as the day grows; each step you take is towards better self-awareness and understanding of your life's purpose.

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Other signs may be jealous of your achievements and may try to crush your spirit, but don't let anyone force you underground. You are a fire sign, one of the fiercest in the game. Virgo, another Earth sign ruled by the planet Mercury, you pay attention to every little detail under the Sun. You listen closely to every conversation in order to hear the most important details of the story.

You try your best not to let others control you or let their criticisms in. Since you are so eager to be the best of the best, you are extremely organized and always ready to have the information needed at the ready. You know that is not true though, because with the end of summer comes the beginning of autumn and that means your cold nature may shine through.