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You start noticing how your mood changes based on the movement of the planets and the phases of the moon. You struggle to see the patterns the universe lays out for us, and you find yourself looking up at the sky, wondering just how to make sense of it all when there are so many factors to consider on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly basis…you get the idea! To complicate matters further, the position of the planets in relation to each other also affects us. And the terms astrologers use to describe these relationships might sound like complete gibberish when you first encounter them.

An aspect is an angle that the planets make to each other within the horoscope. They are measured in degrees.

Sun Quintitrine Mercury

These aspects can have different effects on us. This means that it has a positive effect on us here on Earth, and the planets in conjunction form a strong connection that we can feel.

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This aspect creates tension between the planets. We may notice the same related problems turning up over and over until their placement shifts. The trine is known as a harmonious aspect. This aspect brings about good fortune. This aspect is fairly unpredictable-the effects completely depend on the planets involve and their influence on each other.

Venus enters Sagittarius

It can very harmonious and bring about peace in our lives, or it can send us spiraling into chaos. The easiest way to think about it is to compare it to the qualities and same representation that the ascendant has over a person. What about a BiQuintile bQ? I would possibly only consider these influential if they are 0 degrees or the native has 4 or more. I would also only look at it if personal planets are involved and would extend the tight orb to 1. In reality though, actually are seen as a capable, professional, amicable, and great planners.

Great communicators and can easily reach to the masses with ideas.

The Quintile & Bi-Quintile

In reality, they have a sexual magnetism that many especially from the opposite sex cannot resist. Beautiful and sexy with just a touch of elegance that makes them deemed desirable. They have a lot of wants in life but often feel like there is no way to achieve it and. Very inquisitive and will succeed in whatever they put their mind to.

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Venus quintile Mars You are very likely a gifted artist, both dynamic and aesthetic, powerful and yet subtle. You express your values in dramatic and original ways, and nearly always achieve whatever you truly desire. You are exceptionally gifted at knowing when to pursue your passions and when to rely on your powers of attraction. Either way, you are adept at finding the most effective way to attain the object of desire.

Venus quintile Jupiter You have a great talent for finding a life path that reflects and expresses your personal values. Venus quintile Saturn You could be a financial wizard, you have an uncanny understanding of how to create wealth and secure positions of responsibility and authority for yourself. You are a natural diplomat, handling even the most tense and difficult social situations with remarkable grace, ingenuity and originality. You inspire great affection, trust and loyalty in those under your authority.

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  8. Venus quintile Uranus You have an exceptional ability to perceive and artistically express very advanced, multi-dimensional concepts. You may be adept at meditation and have many experiences beyond the realms of ordinary awareness. You place a high value on a vision of a better world, and use your considerable talent to further that concept and bring it into the world of form.

    You are prone to artistic breakthroughs. Venus quintile Neptune You are a gifted artist and a deeply compassionate and spiritual person, bringing an ethereal quality to all of your artistic expressions. You are naturally attuned to dreams, symbolism and mythology, and have an exceptional talent for capturing the imagination of your listeners as you tell stories or elucidate your vision.

    You may be very glamorous or mysterious, and are definitely gracious and kind.

    Venus quintile Pluto You are a wonderful artist, gifted at expressing deep and powerful emotions. Your style is original and dramatic, your work is unique and innovative. You could also be an excellent counselor, you have no hesitation about dealing with the most vulnerable, personal areas of the psyche. In romance, you are deeply committed and can share your most vulnerable feelings. You desire and attract powerfully intimate relationships. You find and share many keys of spiritual wisdom, and your expressions are original, often dramatic and remarkably effective.

    You possess a great talent for finding and expressing liberating points of view. Venus quintile Ceres You have a deep love of nature and are quite talented at caring for all living things. Cooking and gardening could be your special gift, and you are resourceful, creative and original in creating beauty and finding solutions or applications that further the things and people you care for.

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    Very appreciative of natural beauty. Venus quintile Pallas Athene Art is important to you, and you are or could be a very gifted artist. Your expressions are often dramatic and unorthodox, original and exciting. You also may feel strongly impelled to take an active role in furthering art on a social level, as in supporting individual artists or programs and institutions that uphold art in society.

    Mars Quintile Pluto

    Venus quintile Juno You have a natural gift for keeping romance alive in marriage and also keeping a balanced and equal interaction. You could be an excellent relationship counselor, as you have an innate understanding of the underlying dynamics of a successful relationship.

    You keep the element of mystery and surprise, so the excitement never dies. Venus quintile Vesta You might well be gifted at combining romantic love and spiritual devotion. You have an innate gift for experiencing the sacred through your intimate and artistic expressions, and also for bringing spiritual awareness into all facets of your life experience. Embracement of beauty, pleasure and the physical realm is an integral part of your spiritual journey.

    Quintiles are also very playful so the flirting between them could be way over the top. Still hot though. I totally agree with the fact that the gift of Quintiles are usually recieved only when the person decides to take it. I feel like Trines are always there, for better or for worse. Sextiles can be activated on command when needed.

    Positive Astrology: The Quintile/Biquintile Aspect

    And like you said, Quintiles are usually a big shock of talent or inspiration. When something happens, that gift will appear. Usually when the person is able to handle and appreciate it. When the fruit is ripe, it will fall from the tree. Mercury Biquintile Jupiter is the one who wants to have the cake and eat it too. They might be impatient about showing off their quick wit and deep soul.

    It could clash a little. They could jump from one project to the next.