March 1 solar eclipse astrology

The sign of Virgo as well as the nakshatra of Uttara Phalguni both promote service and healing to those in need, or may even shed light on those we have neglected in the past, but who now need our help and support.


Proper conduct, positive ethical behavior, and sharing equally are themes at this time, but watch for the shadow of this nakshatra to surface, bringing imbalances of power, and issues with joint finances or generosity. Mercury is debilitated and combust the Sun during this lunar eclipse, indicating a time to be very clear and precise with all types of communications, business dealings, and travel plans. This eclipse is about finding the goodness that always lies within each of us, and directing us to express this light out into the world, knowing as we help others — we help ourselves.

Solar Eclipse on 9th March - Precautions and Measure - Suryagrahan 2016

Venus transits Aquarius from March 7 until March 31, , where it will be with Ketu, the south node of the Moon. Venus and Ketu will exactly conjunct at 27 degrees Aquarius on March We should pay attention to our relationships and finances Venus with this combination.

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What we value in life is being redefined, forcing us to connect to our deeper truths and beliefs. We need to make a strong and conscious effort to be centered in our hearts. The Ketu influence on Venus may indicate some past karmic patterns or false impressions about rejection and love that we need to release for our expanded growth, as we learn to love more unconditionally. Spiritually, Venus and Ketu together bring opportunities for devotional practices Bhakti yoga. Mercury transits Pisces its sign of debility from March 18 until April 2, It will be combust the Sun almost this entire time — from March 18 until March Mercury in Pisces increases our mental sensitivity and visionary qualities.

But with the combustion of Mercury, communications can be nebulous, unclear, or unsettled. We can experience more mental confusion as we need more time to make correct decisions. This transit challenges us to really listen inside, be more diplomatic and flexible. Meditation and pranayama breath work are positive practices.

Saturn, planet of focus and discipline, goes retrograde at 22 degrees Scorpio on March 25, two days after the lunar eclipse until August 13, Saturn goes retrograde every year for a little over four months at a time. Saturn retrograde periods help us to develop inner fortitude, usually as a result of personal struggles or sacrifices. We have to willingly be self-disciplined. This problem is not only in your head even if self-created by over thinking.

Staying close to reality helps ground all the highs and lows Uranus went retrograde and Jupiter went direct. A lot of astrology this week. A lot of action coupled with a pervasive feeling of hopelessness and why bother? In this period a predatorial Wolf commits suicide in jail, Russia has a possibly nuclear event in a city similar to our Los Al Those who are on the edge act out and kill innocent people with assault rifles while the Senate plays on The New Moon on July 31 at 8 degrees of Leo extends over the next two weeks and six months. This period brings conflicts that spiral into every corner.

Sudden unexpected twists and turns come with little warning. Uranus makes for rebellion and all those unexpected aftershocks. Random violence and things that make no sense continue to uproot what we know as reality. The lightning bolt strikes at a food festival, a spirited debate and the shifting from one alliance to another As we move into a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon, the natives are restless. The ineffectual patterns we have relied on in life to cope or act on is going. Can you make the shift from an old calcified way of thinking and operating and get closer to yourself?

This table is set not in the sense of a baseball or basketball layup but in the cosmic sense for the upcoming July Eclipses. The anxiety most of us faced during the last New Moon about security and values is moving into the groove of the high-power emotion of the Eclipses. That thing you worry about becomes more. Now it stretches out fully The New Moon starts June off with a bang that promises high drama and a lot of gabbing.

Solar Storms Astrology 12222

Saturn and Pluto traveling together with the South Node during April brought a lot. The current unfolding constitutional crisis, the Mueller confusion and the clown car of the Trump administration muddling through the tariff war on China might just bring it all down in Saturn and Pluto have gone retrograde.

The hint of any finale goes into the mysterious mix of karma and the Unknown. Karma activates in the sense that what is unpaid or untrue gets attention and manifests as an obvious problem. What boldly is flaunted gets doubled back on, and suddenly needs to be corrected. And the Unknown is there watching it all waiting to cue the finale We are building to a Full Moon at the karmic 29th degree of Libra on April Things are getting heavier in the world, your business and personal relationship and marriage and political relations.

The last seven years have been full of eruptions and pretend diplomacy that threatens to shake itself out of the international tree.

Neptune gets back into gear after being in slumber mode since mid-June, ready now to move you forward over the things he rules. And the Sun and Jupiter have their first meeting of 12 years in Sagittarius to put us at the beginning of a very optimistic or growth-oriented story. Tune in to hear how it all impacts your sign! Mars rules war, blood, anger, aggression, competition, and fights, Mars also rules passion, sex, personal drive, determination, courage, and motivation.

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It rules younger men, the ardent youth within all and physical activity. And in our week ahead it is moving into Pisces, the sign of it's fall. So, what do we take away from this? Well, since it wants action now or even yesterday, in a water sign that has no boundaries like Pisces it can get a little sloggy or deep or downright weird. We may have to move on things and trust we will see clearly once this transit is over or hold ourselves back since things are not picking up enough steam to suit us.

This may be about hidden situations, karmic matters, magical things, anything in the arts, a spiritual matter, the romance, an addiction or bad habit, a tendency to retreat, isoate or hide, the research or investigation, a hospital or other institution, or secrets or deceptions, spies or hidden enemies.

Solar Eclipse March - Darkstar Astrology

It's complicated. Our week ahead is also about Venus Retrograde ending and our now forward motion back into love, income, women, and beauty themes as it slowly picks up speed through it's shadow. It's out last week of Venus being Retrograde and taking us back to rekindle, release or rework things with partners, clients, specialists, agents, attorneys, opponents, competitors, or advocates when it comes to Venus themes: love, income, beauty, objects of art, luxury, or women. I will cover the stand-out days and how they look and what area of life they will impact for your sign, tune in!

The Show had to be postponed until Sunday at 8pm Eastern so tune in then or catch it on the replay. Our week ahead has Uranus heading into Aries for the last time this lifetime for a 4 month tour to finish the story he started in Destiny moves into Cancer where he last toured 18 years ago to kick off an 18 month cycle.

Karma heads into Capricorn where he last toured 18 years ago to kick off an 18 month cycle. And Jupiter heads into Sagittarius for the first time in 12 years to kick off a year-long cycle of bigger things here.

Myth, Magic, Moons, Stars….

It's a week to be reckoned with! In the week leading up to Halloween the veil grows thin, more psychic messages, dreams and signs flow around you peaking your perception and sparking your curiosity. The Sun will be moving into alignment with Venus Retrograde to allow for past love, income, women, or beauty interests to arrive. The Sun will also meet with time-keeper, Saturn, to cement something in an opportune way. Mercury will form his last expansive or lucky merging with Jupiter for another 12 years in the sign Scorpio, opening up a lot of possibility via talks, meetings, agreements, sales, writing, interviews, or other Mercury ruled topics via the things that Scorpio rules and Jupiter is about.

Mercury will then enter into Sagittarius to start an extended story about legal, travel, educational, media, marketing, ceremonial, religious, or political interests. And finally, Venus ends the part of her Retrograde through Scopio and takes it into Libra where she will finish her Retrograde by Nov 16th. So, we have a whole lot to cover for each sign, tune in to hear how it looks for you! The Sun heads into Scorpio adding intensity to personal and physical experiences while the Moon is building to a Full Moon in Taurus mid-week and this will bring things to a head with our income, purchases, possessions, products, or values.

So, it's a big astrology week for every sign, tune in to hear how it impacts you!

Solar Eclipse March 2015

Mercury opens up talks, offers, meetings, ideas, agreements, sales, writing, interviews, or decisions MEETING UP WITH Venus Retrograde on the same degree about the past or reworking the current love, income, women, or beauty interests and you are at a turning point where you can choose which way things go. Tune in to hear how your sign is involved in this, key times and ideas about how to make it work or go away.

Your astrology for the week ahead with Zoe Moon, make it count! Not only is this a mega-do-ovver thanks to Venus, but it's only once every 12 years when Jupiter is in the same territory makikng it a bigger deal so I will be breaking it down with highlights about key dates and influences.