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I have a passion for teaching others how to open to their intuition and learn to navigate the subtle energies that surround us all. I believe that the universe is always giving us signals to help us discover our deepest self and that life is a journey to become authentic, compassionate, and in alignment with our soul. I am a guide to you on the journey that you are currently on. In my work I give you options and show you your gifts, what you came here to learn, and point you in the direction of your highest expression in this life.

I use many tools depending upon what you need and what you are open to in this journey. But I am much more than a psychic. My son was born at that same time I remember the first day that I left and I didn't have a bed for my son and I lost it. No woman has ever made me cry except for you.

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I have always been attracted to the number Now I read this and could not stop but laugh out loud, this is so me: "Ideal gifts for the 13 energy include all items that this practical number has already circled in the D. If in doubt, get them a gift voucher,or cash in a humourous or meaningful card. My doctors we're obsessed with 13 and now so am I.

Way I see it 13 means struggle. I was able to find good info from your content Visit: spiritual dating. I am 68 years old. I was born on the 13th. I was 13 on Friday the 13th.

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I was 2 x 13 when I had my first born, who was the 13th baby born at this hospital on that day, Friday the 13th. I was 3 x 13 when I had my second born. Obviously my boys are 13 years apart. My second was not born on the 13th, but was born at and weighed 9 pounds 13 ounces. In , I was 65, or 5 x 13, my oldest was 3 x 13, and my youngest was 2 x My address numbers add up to 13, as does my phone. I have mailbox Many many more in my life. I had my first born when I was 2 x He was the 13th baby born in that hospital on Friday the 13th. I had my second child when I was 3 x He was not born on the 13th, but was born at and weighed 9lbs 13oz.

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My children are obviously 13 years apart. In I was 5 x 13, my oldest was 3 x 13 and my youngest was 2 x My address adds up to 13, as does my phone number. My mailbox is number There are many many more in my life. I just take for granted now that the number 13 will be in any major part of my life. Today the power of God is moving, Speaking within me spiritually.

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The opportunity have come to do a T. V Program the cost of it has been my prayer. Today the number 13 i wrote??? But God present his Spirit I feel so much right now with me. It is hard for me to explain. But nothing is happening??? What i don't know. But 13 is apart of the answer.

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Hi, i came to your website to find some answers and hoping to get it. I'm not really into numbers but for some reasons i'm being haunted and followed by the number It all started when i dated my ex-boyfriend 2 years ago..

There are alot of incidents that have happened to me that had something to do with the number These are few: My ex-boyfriend was born on October 13 My brother was also born on October 13 Friend 1 was born on May 13 Friend 2 was also born on May 13 A person i recently met was also born on May 13 My recent ex-boyfriend was born on June 13 Friend 3 was also born on June 13 Most of the likes i get on my social medias are always 13 At the current time, i have unread mails There are many more incidents with this number but they are too many to list them.

This could be a coincidence, maybe i'm just paranoid or I'm exaggerating.

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At first i tried to ignore this but this is happening more and more frequently to me. It's starting to make me feel anxious and i feel like i need to know what does this mean? Is this some kind of a sign? What could it be? Why am i being followed and haunted by the number 13? Please help! I love nature but can't say that I really enjoy animals although I love my dogs I've had ones passed and now I'm raising her daughter there the bed f2f friends I've ever had I love and care for as well watch over my family I'm strongly connected to them although it feels there are not to me..

I've got the curse as I call it of just knowing things Whenever we link to something not our own, you should assume they are affiliate links or that we benefit in some way.

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